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    My Walston transmitters and the receiver have been a wonderful tool to avoid the loss of many models. Most recently a 10 mile fly away that went across the St. Croix River. Signal was picked up 2 days later flying over in a plane. Had to wade through a swamp afterwards with my Walston receiver guiding the way.

    However, some of my transmitters have broken after years of use, and I am down to 3, a 2 cell, 3 cell, and 4 cell. Has anyone been getting new transmitters from Jim Walston recently?

    Or should I be waiting for the new generation that magically tells you the GPS coordinates on your cell phone? Then you can drive 20 miles down the road, and pick up your model with the failed DT timer.

    Does anyone have experience with some of the newer systems?

    I see in earlier posts, that stuff is being worked on. One of the problems is when a model really flies away, and you have no idea in which county that it landed. I have followed models down the road with my Walston for 12 miles leading the way with the model out of sight. However, sometimes the road is blocked by rivers and stuff like that. Sometimes the wind aloft switches direction, and visual has been lost.


    Dave try LL Electronics 800 553-5328. This is an old E-mail. I think they will repair your old TX, they fixed mine up a couple of years ago when I was passing through Mahomet. Nice folks.

    Glenn Schneider

    I’ve recently gotten two transmitters from Ken Bauer. They are a different shape from the walston and run on a rechargable lipo battery. They have been set up to operate with the walston receiver and allegedly have greater range than even the quad walston. Haven’t yet tried this setup with the Carroll Allen amp but it should be good. Ken has made some sets that are integral RDT and transmitter that operate from the same battery. GPS is not far off, there are small GPS units made for child or pet tracking that function with a smart phone. The smallest one to date is about an ounce in its as delivered state that could be shaved down. Look on ebay, the one with a little kid in the picture (blue) runs about $40 to $50, needs a SIM card to operate, looks promising. The FAI folks almost all run some kind of electronic equipment, timers, RDT’s etc etc Thermals, Glenn

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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