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    Hello, Can anyone reccomend model size wing area for o.s. or veco 19 Thanks Rich Ivers. I like the geef. What plan should i scale it from?


    I now have a Green head K$B 19 in a Swiss Miss. Had a Green head 15 in it, but wanted more grunt.
    Swiss Miss is about 58in span with a fairly normal aspect ratio wing, so I guess that’s about right for a 19.

    Dean McGinnes

    A T-Bird 525 works well with those two particular engines. I have one using an OS MAX .19 with a Mattes head on it that screams. I also have a Greenless Head .23 for B Nos Gas.

    Send me your email address and I will send you a list of T-Bird mods gleaned from talking to many experienced T-Bird fliers.

    There are 4 pages of MS Paint drawings and a page or so of text. This will get you a T-Bird that will fly right off the board, and will survive contest flying conditions.

    Send to: 🙂

    Glenn Schneider

    A Nos gas model for the engines you mentioned should be about 500 to 550 max area. A Ramrod 600 might do if you can build it light enough. My personal choice is the Lucky Lindy standard size @ 510 sq. O’Reily -Holman sells a nice laser cut kit of it. There is a later version of the Lindy that is not Nos legal. Good Luck with whatever you choose, Thermals Glenn

    Glenn Schneider

    Just looked at the NFFS plan service list, there is a GEEF 513 listed plan # 177 @ $8.00 that should be just what you are looking for. Thermals again, Glenn

    Glenn Schneider

    Did a little more research and found that Klarich has a 60″ Geef short kit that includes the plans for$43.00. Check Klarich The NFFS plan for the 513 was listed as 61″. More Thermals, Glenn


    I fly one 440 Jays Bird w/an os 19 and one with a Fox 201.Great models.

    Timer Guy

    I flew a 600 A/B Spacer with a .19/.23 GH. Weight was 23 ounces. My 19 was really good and hauled it up better than the 23. I was very competitive with it until a flyaway at the 1999 NATS. A real floater if you got it up high. But, too big for most 19s.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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