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    Bill Shailor

    I have been asked to compile a list of Mulvihill Trophy winners so the AMA can get the trophy current. The research has been interesting to say the least!
    What I still need are the winners from 1990, and 1991. If anybody can help out or link me to the source, it would be greatly appreciated!
    Please respond here or email me at


    in 1991 our friend Ed Konfess won at Lawerenceville. His first Mulvihill win according to the the article written by Harry Murphy in Model Aviation December 1991. There is also a really nice picture of you and your brother Paul riding that Honda 250 John is so fond of.

    I will look for the other two you are asking about. AMA has done a nice job scanning all the MA’ going back to the 70’s. You can guess that the NATs results were generally available around the December time frame. In the years your talking I believe the NATS were still moving around and not at Muncie yet. It’s great fun flipping thru the scanned pages finding this stuff.

    For future reference go the AMA website, make sure your registered for Member Services and look under the MA Archives.

    Bill Shailor

    Thanks for the information. That’s where I was looking for a lot of the results. The only problem was finding the years I mentioned.


    In 1990 the NATS were held in October at Lawerenceville, so results did not show up till March 91 issues article by Harry Murphy. 90 winner was Bud Romak.

    93 winner was a tie between Bob Bienenstein and George Perryman each had 1080. This was in Jan 94 issue article by Jim Haught.

    Bill Shailor


    Bill Shailor

    The Sympo report from 1980 has the winners from 1923 to 1979. So here is the list from 1980 to present:
    1980 George Perryman
    1981 Robert White
    1982 George Perryman
    1983 Guenther Nowak
    1984 Walt Ghio
    1985 George Perryman
    1986 Fred Blom
    1987 Guenther Nowak
    1988 Greg Hinrichs
    1989 Bud Romak
    1990 Bud Romak
    1991 Ed Konefes
    1992 Jim Brooks
    1993 Bob Bienenstein
    George Perryman
    1994 Robert J. Dunham
    1995 Joe Williams
    1996 Bob Bienenstein
    1997 Bob Bienenstein
    1998 Robert J. Dunham
    1999 Bob Bienenstein
    2000 Jim Brooks
    2001 Bill Shailor
    Joe Williams
    2002 Joe Huettl
    2003 John Kamla
    2004 Robert Perkins
    2005 Connie Perry
    2006 Eddie Vanlandingham
    2007 Dave Sechrist
    2008 John Shailor
    2009 John Shailor


    There’s a list!
    Now, if we could see that trophy at the venue… well, that sure would be something!


    Father and son’s name on the same trophy…Congratulations…Doesn’t happen too often in any competitive venue. Must be very proud!!!

    Bill Shailor

    Thanks, Denny! I really am. The only downside is the grief I get for losing to him! 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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