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    Bill Shailor

    Recently, there has been some momentum for holding the Team Selection Finals
    at the AMA field in Muncie, Indiana. While I consider this to be my “home”
    field, holding an FAI Finals there is a bad idea. Consider the following:
    – No matter how we might wish it to be otherwise, Muncie is a two-minute
    -Three minute flights are possible only if the wind is directly out of the
    north or south.
    -Generally, the wind is out of the west, making the crops, trees and
    cemetery traps for the unlucky. This makes retrieval an unfair component
    into who makes the team.
    -If the Finals is held during the latter part of June, as proposed, the corn
    on the field will be nearly full height. The trees surrounding the entire
    field will make getting the model back in time for the next round a virtual
    -With a nearly quarter mile flight line, even with a north or south wind,
    the unlucky fliers on either side of the line will not be able to keep a
    three minute flight on the field.
    -adjoining landowner are likely to be the victims of trespass by fliers
    going on their property without consent. This mess will have to be cleaned
    up by those of us who rely on Muncie as our primary field after the Finals
    are over.
    Considering I can’t recall when we’ve had two days in a row where three
    minute maxes have been flown at Muncie, let alone three days, holding a
    Finals there when we have a perfectly acceptable field in Lost Hills is a
    bad idea.
    Bill Shailor

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