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    Here is my first electric model. Its a recycled Maverick. I have another photo, but it is too big.
    The wing and stab were purchased in person at Americas Hobby Center when I lived in Brooklyn. They’ve been re-covered in Ultrcote Lite.
    It weighs 7.6 oz and the little fan seems to pull it harder than an 049. I’ll find out tomorrow morning when I take it to the field for testing. WooHoo!!!!


    Another photo of the Maverick.

    Jim Jennings

    Dan, Looks like a winner to me.


    Nice Dan…how about telling us the set up you have on
    it. How did it fly ?

    George Reinhart


    Your first photo has me concerned enough to ask this question.
    “Is this another one of your tail first thingys, and you’re showing us the expected climb attitude”? Enquiring minds want to know. I bet you’re getting this ready for Spring Cup in Seguin next week end aren’t you?

    Cheers!! 😈


    Well, it kinda looks like it hit nose first.
    I have a more conventional photo but it won’t fit the forum. Maybe.
    It flew great. Just like a Maverick. I did run it to 15 seconds. That’s a RIDICULOUS altitude.
    I’ll get the poop on the setup tonite.
    Spring Cup, he we come.

    hey the reduced pic translated!

    George Reinhart

    NICE Dan!!!!


    Here is a bit of info on the new beastie.

    Its a stock wing and stab from a Maverick kit that was purchased by walking up to America’s Hobby Center while I lived in Brooklyn,NY. I re[covered it in Ultracote Lite. I cobbled a new fuselage for the electric stuff. I think I must have used Teak or Lignum Vitae instead of bals. Its a heavy fuselage which shouldn’t break, ever.
    I was trying to knock something out in a hurry. Jim Jennings was invaluable in helping put the power pkg together. I wanted to try the quiet side with a minimum of fuss and , well, effort. Fat and lazy is such a bad combination.

    WingArea – 260″
    Flying weight –7.6 oz
    Motor –AXI 2204/54 outrunner
    Fuel—-400mah 3 cell LiPo
    Controller— JETI Mini 8 amp
    Prop—Graupner 7×4.5 folder
    Timer from Larry Bagalini at Starlink
    Fuse DT
    Perfomance– criminal.
    First flight was a 3 second engine run. Looked good going up, glide circle too tight. 2nd flight same engine, less incidence in stab and less tilt at wing. Glide too tight, power looked better. Took out more tilt and reduced incidence some more. Looked better under power, which was 5 seconds. Now it stalls. Moved the battery forward and ran it seven seconds. It gets high and still has a stall.Added some left tab and moved the battery forward some more. Charged the battery.
    Next flight was 10 second engine. Ridiculous height and good glide. Dragged it backed and put it into lift with a 15 second engine. I doubt that I would ever want to run it more than 15 secs.
    By comparison, my NATS winner classic 1/2A Marval w/ VA Mk2 049 and DT timer weighs 7.6oz. A Maverick with DT timer and a TD will likely approach 7.5 oz and will fly well, so this thing is capable.

    It will fly in F1Q at Seguin this weekend. It is also AMA B electric legal.
    I will see how it goes flying F1Q. I generally flying in rounds- for a variety of reasons. Some political . some personal. That’s a different thread.
    I can say that 25 seconds for a 2 minute max is pretty much a given. I believe that if I launched this thing into lift and DT’ed off the engine that it would take 2 minutes to touch down. Great, just what Dan needs, another marathon event.

    That’s all folks!!

    Jim Jennings

    Welcome to the quiet side. 8)


    Well, I flew it at Seguin in the Spring Cup.
    It was a glorious Saturday for flying FF. Sunday was not glorious!
    I managed to knock out 7 maxes in rounds for a first place win. We flew w/15 second motor runs and 2 minute maxes. The 6th round flight was into a mid-afternoon Texas style boomer. After it DT’ed , it took about 7-8 minutes to return to earth. Off the field, but only about 150 yards. That put a crimp on the other 2 events that I was also flying in rounds. Off the field at Seguin means over the fence, which is never near the gate, which must be operated by authorized personnel. Time consuming.
    Several fliers asked after the power setup and anything special as regards the plane. I would expect to see more electrics at future Texas comps.
    If gentle reader wants to start playing quietly, I would strongly recommend this setup.


    Congrad Dan…way to go at Seguin!
    I am sure you have given some the fever to try Electric..that will
    add to the events and add to the fun.
    Glad all went well for you!


    Congrats Dan….
    Could you double check the specs on your prop blades? I believe Graupner blades with 6 mm hubs come in either 7.5×4 or 8×4.5 ? Also, where did you get your prop yoke, and what is the pin pitch spacing?



    Hi Dick.
    indeed ,I made a mistake on the prop description. It is graupner 7.5 x 4 folder. I got the hub from Jim. Its a loaner that I don’t intend to return. I’ll need to check the spacing, but it is very close to motor diameter.
    Faust Parker looked at the assembly up close. He was surprised that the prop is held on with an O-ring. So am I, frankly.

    I don’t believe that I’m using anywhere near battery capacity for one flight. It didn’t take long to re-charge between flights. Would the motor handle 4 cells? is there a smaller 3 cell pack available?


    Dan, Thanks for the update on the prop blades. The o-ring is no problem. All the r/c guys use them on their 3D foam planes. Yeah, I heard those homemade hubs by Jim J. are good. I’m getting envious.

    I like to size the battery so that only a fraction of it’s capacity is used on one flight … say about 15 % . It’s a trade-off between battery weight and ability to deliver power to the motor.

    Your motor could handle 4 cells but you would have to use a much smaller prop to prevent overheating the motor. Four cell packs are not available in small sizes. You would have to gang two 2-cell packs.

    I think you could get by nicely with a 3-cell Dualsky GT 300 mah 25C pack. This would reduce your battery weight from the present 40 grams to 31 grams and still deliver the same power. One 15 second flight at 8 amps would consume about 11 % of capacity.


    Thanks for the info. I was thinking in wet terms. I.E. don’t carry so much fuel.
    Well, for 9 gms I’m gonna stay where it is.

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