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    Rene Limberger

    Favionics, a new venture of Rene Limberger & Allard van Wallene would like to announce the preorder availability of their latest product, nanoAlt.

    nanoAlt is the smallest, lightest, lowest power, highest resolution and largest recording capacity altimeter module on the market today! nanoAlt was designed for a variety of applications where space and weight are highly restricted such as FAI and other FreeFlight classes. The power consumption of nanoAlt has been designed so it can run off the smallest power sources available today, including watch coin cells or even solar cells.

    nanoAlt specs:
    – size: 9mm x 15mm x 3mm
    – weight: 0.8g
    – recording capacity: 43min @ 9Hz
    – power supply: 3.4V-6V
    – power consumption: 580uA
    – resolution: 10cm (19bit)
    – samples @ 9Hz (9 samples per sec)
    – records altitude & temperature

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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