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    Rudy Kluiber

    Does someone out there have the patterns for the main wing and the stab rib for the 1/2A Spacer — don’t need the plans


    Rudy Kluiber in rainy Cleveland


    Rudy I thought I had them but I was wrong. I beleive Bob Stalick showed the airfoils in a copy of Model Builder a few years back, I’ll check and see if I can find them. If I can I’ll scan them and send them to you.

    Free Flight Hank

    Dean McGinnes

    You can save yourself some time by getting the short kit from Lee Camobell. He would probably cut you a deal on ribs only.

    Rudy Kluiber

    Thanks anyway, guys

    I had a scaled down Spacer plan from MRL (about 200 sq’s) which showed the ribs and
    I scaled them up from that. Forgot that I had those plans or I wouldn’t have had to ask in the first place.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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