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    I need a little, well probably a lot, of help on my scratchbuilding a Round-a-bout. I have the plan but need the detail on the dt.
    Is the wood screw on the boom the anchor pt. for the release line from the viscous timer arm? If so, does the line go up 90 degrees from the screw and then 90 degrees over to the dt timer arm?
    If not, would anyone care to explain it to me? I think I understand how these work in theory, but the detail has me wondering.
    And yes, I know I should buy a kit from Stan. He will be at the Nats though and I will be home trying to figure this out for next year! 😕
    Then, who knows, I may have to spring for a kit!

    I appreciate any help offered…


    I’m not familiar with Rounaabout.
    All the TLGs that I have seen have a similar DT:

    Line anchors thru the wing, abainst fuselage. Wraps under fuse and boom, then upward to a little wire saddle then rearward, around T.E. and over the wing, forward to the visuous timer. It works on the principle that all those turns make enough friction keep the boom tight for launch. The planes glide just fine without the line hooked up. Tht’s why its important to hook up the rubber to knuckle the fuselage.


    Hi Phil,

    Originally you had wisely asked for a source of recent TLG designs. The Roundabout is an early design and pretty close to the Spinup in terms of layouts and certain fuse structures. I have seen two of them and there are problems structurally that need some expertise to solve. Without going into detail I would recommend that you go back to Kurt’s website and download Stan’s Stuff flyer. As a minimum order Dynamo Hum II plans ($1)and instructions ($3) along with one of his fuselages. This will save you money, time and assure success.

    Save the Roundup for when you have some experience in knowing typical failure points in TLG designs.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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