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    I’m just getting back into free-flight scale and came across a term I have never heard before.

    What is a Rapier-powered model?

    Thanks for helping.

    Bill Shailor

    It’s a small rocket motor. Sort of like Jetex.


    Just joined this outfit, os input on this is a couple months after the question was asked.

    For some info on Rapier powered aircraft see here:

    “Mike’s Flying Scale Model Pages”

    The purpose of this site is to show examples of free-flight flying scale models from the UK, together with (hopefully) useful information, hints and tips for fellow builders. If newcomers to this fine hobby find encouragement here, then so much the better!

    My main interest is in traditionally constructed scale models, built using a balsa framework covered in tissue. Motive power is usually electric, CO2 or the traditional rubber strip motor. It is

    years since I built a model with an internal combustion motor in it – nowadays there seems to be a move towards quieter, more “enviromentally friendly” power units, so CO2 and Electric are becoming more popular, and there are even compressed air power units now available. The appearance in recent years of Rapier solid fuel propulsion units has also lead to an entertaining detour into the wonderful world of small free-flight scale jets.

    There’s 6 pages of a gallery of Rapier powered models and some construction articles on the site.

    later, off with the wife to grocery shop

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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