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    I think the flights I made at the Nats in Electric A qualify for a new AMA record. The existing record is 11 minutes 14 seconds by Chuck Groth. I made 17 minutes 56 seconds. My flights followed the standard rules format of 120 second maxes; with 3 flights at 20 second motor runs, 3 at 15 seconds, and the rest with 10 second runs. Anyway, I submitted a record application form with CD Lee Campbell.


    Congratulations! I wish we could get some news from the Nats but everythings seems to have shut down except for your post.

    George Reinhart

    Nats No News

    Wrote ’em a note on “ask AMA”.
    Got a computer generated form letter from the “webmaster”saying they were really interested in my problem.
    I guess they’ll get right on it , oh, sometime next week, or… maybe next month. It IS about Free Flight and , after all, it’s awfully busy up there this time of the year with all the really important and intere$$ting rc cla$$e$ having their national$ too.
    No radio control in Free Flight you know.
    No radio control, no advertising revenue for the magazine.
    Such a shame they had to waste all that great flying weather on Free Flight.

    Ed Hardin

    You can get a daily report of “Nats News” by clicking on Nationals on the AMA web site then click on Nats news scroll down to the date you want and that edition will appear. Great full color pictures and commentary by Don Deloach and Sergio Montes as well as results.


    NatsNews is missing a lot of results.

    George Reinhart

    That’s right.
    They haven’t bothered to post any results or commentary for Thursday’s competitions or Friday’s either.
    That’s why I wrote them a note (see above).
    We’d likely get more prompt attention if there were rc adverti$ing dollar$ involved.


    Congratulations for breaking a Groth/NiCad record!

    Hopefully, by 2011, we will switch to 40 gram Lipos and 10 seconds motor runs which are more than enough for 2:00 maxes.


    Congratulations to you for winning F1B against a large field of top flyers.

    Yes, by 2011 we should see Electric A with 40 gram lipos. I would like to see the class name changed to Electric 1/2A….and also with the flyoff flights dropping to 5 second motor runs at the end.

    Some may wonder how I could break the Electric A record and still finish second to Scott Lapraik in the event.

    The answer is that the CD had set up the Electric A event with all flyoff flights at 15 second motor runs instead of three 15’s, then 10 second runs, which is what the official rules state. I was told that the CD was trying to attract E-36 flyers into the A event by making it easier. In any case, both Jim Jennings and I decided to go for the record by dropping our motor runs to 10 seconds after completing our first 6 flights with maxes. CD Lee Campbell was notified of this in advance. Scott continued with 15 second motor runs as permitted by the CD’s special rules exemption for the day. He won the event with 11 maxes. I finished second with 8 maxes plus 116 seconds which beat the existing record.

    Thankfully, we avoided a marathon flyoff. All three airplanes were capable of making 2 minute maxes indefinitely with 15 second motor runs.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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