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    With all the talk on another site about the BOM, it seems that everyone thinks that all FAI modelers buy all there stuff. Well, I have proof that some don’t. This is the latest F1C model that I have put together for the upcoming year. The fuse is all hand made, excluding the tail boom which I got from Reid Simpson. Yeah, I didn’t build the wings from scratch, but everything else was built here.

    The glass frontend was rolled on an arbor I made. All the mechanisms (excluding the bunt) were machine at home. The cowl was molded from a pattern I made. The wings are of unkown origin.

    If anyone thinks these things just fall together, they got something else to think about. My guess is that there is over 200 hours in everything here. It takes alotta time to figure out what will go where, how to make all the fuel system stuff work, making glide posts, etc.

    I know it doesn’t have a geared engine, but should be a decent model for standard conditions. This makes 6 models that we have for the upcoming season to test. We have the WC coming way too quick for us!!


    Nice. What engine please? 🙂


    Hi John

    Nice model and do I spy a discus launched glider (red wings) at the back of the workshop?


    Dean McGinnes


    You have far too little clutter in your shop to be efficient. 🙂 🙂


    John, you have said and shown us exactly what I was trying to convey to John Whittles in another forum. With a little resourcefulness and some building skills you can be flying. Some of us are better at fuselage and motor work, others wing and tail structures. The method that you are using can help established flyers move parts that are not needed.
    I know that this currently being done, just not by design. Hopefully more FAI flyers will list their extras and this will encourage those that can and want to,to build. Maybe more can fly and……………. who knows.
    BBOM, Builder Buyer of the Model, whats wrong with that?


    I agree with all….First, the engine is a Nelson…Next, the clutter…I actaully have three shops to work in, so you only see a small amount…And yes, that is a discus glider in the back- good eyes…Haven’t been successful in throwing it, but maybe next year. I also agree that some like to do certain things and why not allow them to do what they like. I have built wings somewhat like this, but when ya got ’em you use ’em!!


    I spy with my little eye

    there’s a Garami Strato Streak over yonder too.

    Bill Shailor

    The only thing that has any dirt on it is the shop-vac!
    Merry Christmas!


    Maybe what I should have done was had a contest to name all the planes in the photo…You missed two more…There is the Lucky Lindy on the workbench on the left and then behind the pop corn machine (one of my prize gifts that I got from my wife!) is the Bounty Hunter. Yup, I had to build another Strato Streak because the old one was getting tired (but still flies very well). I actually covered it in mylar to keep the weight down a bit and then will only fly it at Muncie..Not sure if you can see it, but on the wall is an older P-30 (you can just see the front)…So, just for Bill, there is something with a rubber band!!


    What do you have powering the Strato Streak please John?
    I built one years ago strictly ‘for fun’ that has a very old ’54 .049 DC Merlin diesel in it. Still have it, but it’s not flown for a long time.

    Ed Hardin

    Dear Santa,
    Please get me a nice workshop like John’s so I won’t have to build my models in the laundry room anymore. Merry Christmas to all.


    Maybe if you are very good, Santa will bring you one!! I am very lucky that I have a wife that gives me two fairly big areas in the basement as well as a second garage…Now the person with the BIG shop is Phil Sullivan. He has a seperate garage that is probably 3-4 cars worth. But, he has that full already…

    As far as the engine in the Strato-Streak, it is the .020 version, so a Tee Dee will be going on it.


    Ah yes, the Strato-Streak. The five finned nightmare.

    jim buxton

    not to hi-jack this thread, but what is the “other forum” mentioned a couple times?

    Jim Buxton


    That would be the Small Flying Arts Forum.
    It tends to stay pretty active.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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