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    Bill Shailor

    I just read that the CIAM has once again caved to the anti-performance types and changed the rules for F1D. The weight of the model has gone from 1.2 grams to 1.4 grams and the rubber weight has gone down to .4 grams. The proposal was from Hungary, which hasn’t been much of a powerhouse in F1D the last few cycles. I also suspect that many of the representatives who voted for this don’t fly indoor and haven’t sent teams to the F1D Champs in many years, if ever.
    What this does is put a premium on good rubber and obsolete the models of good builders and flyers in the hope that others can catch up.
    This same logic changed models from the elegant 90 cm models of the 60’S to 65 cm span models that didn’t have a weight rule. When Jim Richmond wiped the field with his lightweight models, the performance fearing types added a weight rule. Better flyers still prevailed and yet another attempt to kill performance brought indoor to where it is today. We can expect yet another change when the better flyers still win.
    This overall fear of performance has permeated all the F1 categories where great rubber, strong engines, flapped wings and other store-bought components are necessary. It has had opposite the desired effect in that models without all the bells and whistles are no longer competetive. Now, if F1D flyers don’t have May 99 rubber, they might just as well stay home.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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