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    Take a look at these new motors from Hyperion. .They are designed for use in high power, short motor-run RC gliders. Just what we need for F1Q and large AMA Electric B. They come in a bunch of sizes, but I think the most suitable for our use are these:

    Gs2213-14, Gs2213-16, Gs2218-10, and Gs2218-12. All come with 4 mm output shafts. For limited motor runs they can handle huge props and huge power … at least 550 watts in the case of the Gs2218-10.

    Please note that these motors mount from behind the firewall. This can be make FF fuselage design a bit tricky. Most RC gliders have a removeable canopy which gives easy access to the motor.


    One can reverse any out-runner’s shaft, allowing it to be mounted ahead of the fire wall. This, however, requires ordering a suitable blank shaft and machining in the grooves for the locking rings and flats for the hex screws accurately. Of course the risk is making errors and junking the motor.

    I have been doing this for my AXI motors and they don’t seem to mind whether they are flying forwards or backwards 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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