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    Anybody ever use one of these? Looks like it was mounted and not run. Even has red tank. Only Cub I have used is a .049A that runs good. Cheers,Dan


    Yes l had one of those long time ago—red tank, with beam and radial mounts—pretty little engine.

    Never used it—-sold it and got an .09—needed more grunt for a Faultless Chick bipe. Still got it, and the model—both go well. 😀


    I used a Cub .074 for a period in the ’60s – as I recall, it was quite a pleasant engine to use, ran well, started easily. I had it in a Fubar 36 (intended for .049’s) and that was a wild combination when you could keep it pointing in the right direction!

    Norm Furutani

    The Cub .074 was my first engine. Back in the 50’s I put it on a Veco Sioux and flew the heck out of it. Easy starting, reliable but not a raging powerhouse! I used the cast factory radial tank mount and a blue Spitfire pnuematic timer.

    I loved running that engine so much that between flying days I bolted it on the back of my brothers Tonka truck and ran it down the driveway!

    Still have it, thanks for the flashback!

    – Norm


    Now that you remind me, I mounted my OK Cub 074 on an airboat and ran the heck out of it when I WAS a kid. Would set the rudder so it would circle.

    Still have it in my old engine box.

    I am STILL a kid, but then I WAS a kid!


    OK, now you got me thinkin Dave…

    My dad bought a bunch of stuff off of an old U/C speed flyer. Amongst all the stuff was a Fox .36 Red head (I think it was red, not black). I took a 1 x 8, nailed 4 wheels to it, put a vertical piece on it and mounted the engine on top, high enough to clear the 9″ wood speed props he had. We would fire this thing up and let it go on the road in front of our house. Talk about dangerous!!It would go 20 or 30 feet at a fairly high speed and then flip or spin around, or whatever. We should cut something off playing with it!!

    Those were the good old days….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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