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    Rudy Kluiber

    Sometimes have a problem with sending pictures – I hope these show up OK.
    I started this Spacer last Spring with hopes of flying it at the Nat’s. That didn’t work out, but I decided to finish it anyway for the CIA meet at Muncie in September. Built from a genuine set of California Model Co plans from the 50’s. Flew pretty good.
    I/4 mil mylar on the wing and stab, tissue on wing upper leading edge. Colors on the tip are actually white, yellow and Day-Glo orange. Pink background for the graphics. Medallion on old Hiscott mount, homemade Tomy timer and remote pinch-off, bladder tank. Klass Kote from the pylon rear forward. 5.6 ounces out the door..

    Rudy in still balmy Cleveland

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