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    Hi all,

    If anyone has seen a modern F5B model going up, it’s not at all different to seeing an F1C. What I’m wondering is whether anyone has tried a full-hog electric setup in an large gas sized model?

    All you’d need is a timer system to control the brushless speed control and I think you’d be set, and I think I saw one that will do this in a recent issue of Flying Models which presented an article by Dick Sarpolus re-visiting electric C/L….

    Thoughts from the group?



    I already fly r/c electric gliders and they can be very efficient.I suppose i could just turn the radio off. After having loads of trouble getting my td 09 to run i was very tempted.In fact i think i may build another fuselage for a small brushless motor weighing the same. The battery would only need to be a small lipo and a timer would be simple.The advantages are lack of noise and a clean model and no need for fuel proofer Jim

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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