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    Jerry Murphy

    The p-18 models will be used in the pro-am event where the students will build the models on Wednesday morning and then fly them Thursday morning. The student’s models will be built from the Laser-Cut Planes kit (http://lasercutplanes.com/) provided by AMA.
    For folks wanting to build a model the kits are available from the web at http://lasercutplanes.com/

    Scratch builders are welcome for the AMA event. Rules are simple; The models are based on the old Mace design with the projected wing span limited to 18 inches. Total model length including the prop is not to exceed 18 inches. Minimum weight is 7 grams.
    prop is to be an unmodified 5.5 inch plastic prop with the flashing removed and weight added to the light blade for balancing.

    This is a simple but fun model so build one and have fun with it.

    The NFFS web site doesn’t like pdf formats so drop me an email and I will forward the pdf to you for the full size plans.


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