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    Hello all,

    I am begining to fly my P-30 again after many years absent from the hobby. It’s a great model, a Square Eagle. I built it about 20 years ago and can’t give it up. I have a trimming question. It currently has a beautiful climb and great glide. It’s trimmed for a right-right pattern. I’m currently using 6 strands of 1/8 rubber. Here’s the problem. For the first 5-8 seconds of climb it flies straight away from me, climbing too steeply, almost stalling. Then it begins a slow climbing turn to the right, but is a little too steep still. It then hangs on the prop and then the nose slowly drops and it then begins a really nice stable climb. I’m frustrated because I know I’m losing a lot of climb during that frst few seconds when the motor is pulling the strongest. The rest of the climb and glide is near perfect. I’m convinced it’s a torque issue, but only for a little while. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for any help!!

    Ed Hardin

    The Square Eagle was a Phil Hartman design. His company was Blue Ridge Models in Asheville, NC. Phil once claimed that the Square Eagle won more contests than any other P-30, I guess because he sold so many of them, great model for entry level rubber flying. I would try a little more right thrust at the nose block, should help with hanging on the prop.

    Peter Brocks

    The Square Eagle is a great beginners P-30. I won P-30 at the 1980 Nats in Dayton, OH with a Square Eagle. I actually won with the grey rubber that came in the kit. Yes, use a bit more right thrust and launch to the right of the wind. If too much right thrust then skew the wing so that the right side is a bit more foreward to get wash-in on the rh side.



    It sounds you’re on the edge of a power stall. Right thrust should pull it around. Instead of launching RIGHT of the wind, try Left of the prevailing wind. That keeps the wind from under the left wing for the first bit. I was skeptical about the technique. Not any more.


    Thank you for the suggestion. I made several modifications to the model and finally have it dialed it just right. I adjusted for right thrust and that helped the stalling issue and then I added two tiny nylon screws on either side of the front stab and one in the center on the training edge. I was able to adjust for proper glide using all 3 of these. I tilted the stab slightly to the left and then a little less “up” elevator and flattend the glide slightly. It now climbs in a large smooth right turn with no stalling tendency and makes a large right turns on the glide and is very stable.

    I ahvbe another question. I’ve never conmpeted in the P-30 category, but am somewhat confused on the rules. What is meant by a two minute max. How is scoring accomplished. I understand official flights ect. I’ve just never understood the max rule..Thanks for any information. I appreciate all the help!!


    2-minute ‘max’. For the purpose of competition scoring, the flight time is recorded up to a maximum of two minutes; any further time from that point is not taken into account i.e. 2:16 is scored as 2:00

    If more than one contestant makes the required number of flights all to two minutes then there will be a flyoff to determine placings. This may vary according to the rules of a specific contest – could be an unrestricted flight in which the time is fully recorded to ground or out of sight, the highest score taking 1st place.

    Alternatively the event may be flown to progressive maximums, whereby the maximum is extended by 30 or 60 seconds .. if that required score is attained by more than one person then there will be a further similar extension for the next flight, etc. until the target is not made .. and the total sum of all flights determines place.


    I appreciate your clarification of the scoring system. It’s a common sense approach, although is was not clearly described in any of the rules. It now makes sense. Thank you for clearing it up for me.!


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