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    Just wondering how many different stands for starters are out there? And would you be willing to share?

    Bill Shailor

    Bucky Servaites had an article for one in a recent Digest. No plans, but some pretty good pictures.


    Send me you email address and I will send some photos of what w ehave been using. It is typical FAI style, with the starter canted at a 45 degree angle. We do this because of the folding props. This keeps them open. I use a conventional Sullivan starter on everything (1/2A up) along with a Tower glow driver panel. I use a 7 Ah gell cell and iot has worked very well.

    Bill Shailor

    Does this mean you don’t use your trusty Tatone “Chicken Stick” anymore?
    Bludgeoning the trailing edge of a prop blade just seems more manly!


    I use a box style starter setup, but after seeing Mike Roberts using the one in the pic below, I’m going to make one like his….Especially good with folding props…..



    Here is what my starter looks like. It is made out of acrylic and has a standard Sullivan starter. We use this for all sizes. The battery is on the back side, is tie wrapped in place. The vertical plate that the starter is mounted to is screwed to the base, so that for travel it can be removed. We normally put it in our suit cases. Plus, I can post a picture!!

    Dean McGinnes

    Just finished my third iteration of a starter stand.

    First was buried inside a crude Harbor Freight two-story plastic toolbox. It was too low which led to putting the starters on top of the box.

    Next was a more refined version using the same toolbox and building a proper wooden housing for the power panel and a “deck” for the starters on top of the housing. A car battery in the lower provided more than ample power and an “anchor”. Too heavy. Had to disassemble to load and unload from the car.

    Third was to adapt the part that contained the housing and add a gel cell on the back. The whole mounted on a Harbor Freight roller stand with the roller removed. It seems the best as it is adjustable for height and sturdy enough to withstand pushing the spinner into the starter cone.

    I will attempt to attach pictures.

    Jack Murphy

    This is my Flight Line Power Station prototype. Have since built more with detachable legs. The stand assembles/disassembles in less than a minute with hitch pins, though I use a hammer for tapping them in and out. The power panel attaches with butterfly dzus buttons. Notice the footswitch. The whole thing will fit in the bottom of a small duffle bag leaving room for a tool box or two. Tig welded from 1 1/4″ mild tubing. This is the most ergonomic way to start a free flight gasser. You’ll feel like Eric Clapton or Keith Richards, depending how you spent the ’70s. Let me know what you think, I can make more though I still have 2 on the shelf. -j

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