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    Good questions!
    The guidelines, above, are for people who would like to post a large number of, say, contest photos, like 100 from the last Nats. It’s best to link to another photo site (like Photobucket, etc.) so that the files (some are large) don’t take up space on our server. That could wind up costing us more per month for our service.
    By all means – do continue to post pictures with your posts, just not hundreds on a given topic

    AND – I am ALWAYS looking for good new photos for the web site, and especially the homepage.
    I don’t get them very often. Don Chesson is the best contributor.
    You can email me a few individual pictures at a time or postal mail me a CD.
    If you email pictures to me two things –
    Most email services don’t relay message that have picture files exceeding 5 megabytes in size, total per message. So you can send 1 5MB file at a time, or 5 1MB files, etc.
    Also, there’s no guarantee that I’ll use the photos based on their quality, composition, etc.. I try to mix it up on the homepage with regard to types of models and activities, etc..
    Does that help?
    Also we’re scheming on getting a video section going so if you have videos that I can link to let me know.


    Tks good clear answer and easy for me to post my one or two pics. Will pm you a few pics . Which or what format is better for you?


    Thanks Graham, I’ll look forward to seeing them!
    jpgs or tifs are fine.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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