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    Dean McGinnes

    Len Surtees has put his kit business up for sale.

    Here is a quote from Len.

    Len Surtees, well known as a top HLG flyer and manufacturer of quality ‘Sting’ HLG, tip-launch and catapult glider kits, sent this message to my son who asked me to copy same to a wider audience ….

    Herewith ….

    Hi Kevin
    Have a favour to ask, i now wish to sell my kit manufacturing business due to 2 reasons, in 1 weeks time im driving to western Australia to work for the mining industry for several months ( good money) and when i return back home i will start my boat plan business full time.
    This means that i can no longer keep selling kits.

    Can you please let people know that my business is for sale and that im asking for USD $2,000.
    For that they get all my stock, templates, jigs and plans/associated paperwork plus shipping costs to the new owner. I will sign a statement that i will not manufacture glider kits.
    This is a good price for some one that likes manufacturing and would be ideal for someone that is semi retired or someone that has the energy to promot and expand the sale outlets.
    Best Regards

    If anyone is interested, please contact Len direct on lensurtees@hotmail.com


    Thanks, Dean – you beat me to it. For some reason I couldn’t connect to this site yesterday to place this item at Kevin’s request, so am happy to find you got it posted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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