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    I’m getting ready to finish my Ramrod 250 and have a new Fox FAI 049. I had planned to use a pressure bladder system. Will the existing needle valve handle this method or do I need to use an internal unpressurized tank? Thanks, Randy

    Dean McGinnes

    Randy, if you use a low pressure bladder such as a “little red cap”, the stock nva will work fine. A lower pressure system can be made from a single penny balloon, which works even better 🙂

    A pen bladder or pacifier has too much pressure.

    Dump the stock backplate for a Galbreath radial mount and dont even think about using the Fox tank mount or any metal suction-feed system of any kind.


    Hi Dean,

    Thanks for the info. I do have the Galbreath backplate/mount. I assume that a penny balloon is about two cents these days.


    Glenn Schneider

    The little Fox on a Ramrod is a real potent combination, Been flying that combo for years with much success. My Foxes came with 2 needle valve bodies the narrow one designated for pressure use. You could narrow a stock one if needed. Pressure is supplied by tanks I make out of a medical product known as 1/4 inch penrose drain, a thin wall tubing that is a little thicker than a penny balloon. Probably available from anyone in the surgical field or your local surgery supply house. Works great, just enough pressure. I use a single layer for the Foxes and Cubs and double it for the cyclons. Any of the pressure fittings available work well from Texas timers or your local auto supply sold as vacuum parts. The Fox does well with a full length cox gray 6-3 and 25% nitro. Higher nitro tended to burn plugs. The supplied needle has worked just fine. Good Luck and Thermals. Glenn

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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