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    Can anyone tell me about this plane?
    Does it have a geo wing design (is the wing flat airfoil )
    Does it have the stab and rudder connected in one
    Does it have a slab type fuesalge
    Is it a high thrust design
    And where can plans be obtained
    A pic would be nice as well

    Thanks… 😕 [/b]


    Craig — you sure you don’t mean ‘Civy Boy’ ?

    Norm Furutani

    Don Bartick had a 1/2A Privy Boy at the San Valeers Nos Annual. He’s president of the Orbiteers, so maybe you can get a hold of him through their website.

    – Norm

    After checking the link, I noticed there’s a pic of the Privy on the last page.

    Steve Landy

    When the plans were published the magazine cleaned up the name to SWAT for Sout Western Aero Team. The plans are now known that way. Check out AMA plans list, NFFS plans list. Sorry I’m a year late and can’t remember which list. I do have the 1/2 A size built with a Shreik and it flys well. The mag plan shows straight ribs drawn bold and the union jack ghosted in. Needless to say build them with union jack; anything to help keep trim.

    Regards, Steve

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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