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    I have used only pinch type timers and DT fuse setups. I do have some DT timers and will use them in near future. I recieved a new Holland Hornet with no insert in venturi. Guy said it was for flood off timer. I know about bladders , but how does this work? Thanks in advance, Dan

    Dean McGinnes

    It works poorly on normal AMA or NOS GAS models. Flood-offs came into vogue for the ultra-short FAI engine runs. It kills the engine quicker than a pinch-off.

    Actually, it does work well but is an un-needed complication with most AMA and NFFS Gas Models.

    The missing insert is of no consequence if you are using bladder pressure. It’s only purpose is to allow suction feed, not enable or require a flood-off.

    I did use one years ago on a Tee Dee .049 and crank case pressure. It worked, but there was too much plumbing on the front end.

    Use a bladder and a Texas Timer Micro-I and Enjoy Life. 😯 😀


    Thanks Dean, sounds good to me. I like simple setups. Just want that engine to shut down. This desert here has some big thermals. Dan


    Don’t flood off the Holland Hornet! Broken crankshafts abound.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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