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    I was looking through some old magazines today and came across an article by Ron St.Jean, “The Ramrod Ajustment”, Flying Models, Oct-Nov 1960. Don’t know if we can copy it here, but for those with the mag its all there from the horse’s mouth.

    Dean McGinnes


    How can I get a copy of that article?

    My email is flydean@worldnet.att.net

    Scott Lapraik

    I know this subject was addressed a no. of months ago, but I have found out since that a no. of One Design Competitors for the RAMROD 250 are planning to run the TD 049’s. I have contacted Bill Vanderbeek and asked him to clarify this issue. Per Bill “The Ramrod is to be flown with only NosGas legal Engines since it is a Nostalgia model.” I hope everyone that is planning on flying the One Design Ramrod 250 gets this info.


    Portland, TN

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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