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    Hey Y’all;

    Re-entering the rubber-power realm after a good decade or two out doing other hobbies.
    Just bought Bob Ross’ book about rubber models, a current 2008 edition of it.
    Comet appears to be no longer with us. Dang, built a number of theirs back in younger days.

    Currently reside in central Missouri in town of pop. 8700 +/- without any hobby supply vendors so it’s either mail order or 75 mile trip to Columbia to get what either Hobby Lobby or HT USA might chance to have.

    ❓ ➑ Dopes – where’s a good source (and can it even be done?) for mail-ordering dope?

    Have bought rubber (actually for rubberband boats) from FAI. Looked over Peck Polymers’ and Easybuilt’s websites.
    Drooled over plans from Cleveland Model & Supply on their website.
    There’s this Consolidated Commodore flying boat . . . and a Grumman Duck. . . and . . . and . . .

    There’s a Fairchild something, I forget which at the moment, and a couple other Fairchilds, want to draw up and build.
    Okay, here’s one, the F-11 Husky Someone somewhere has doen a turboprop conversion with a nice long nose. And it’s on floats.
    No, I can provide no answer for why this thing for planes on flaots.
    My dad and grandad were in the Navy, and flew civil planes,maybe that has something to do with it?

    Another nutcase idea is to do a Lockheed L-188 Electra II turboprop airliner except with one rubber motor in a 24in, or so, fuselage and the four motors on wings being dummy details only.

    Have enough stuff on hand, as it happens, save for dope, to scratchbuild a plane. Even have 2 plastic props; but, just one nose bearing.
    Not yet tried making props.
    All that’s needed is plans and a building board πŸ˜€

    Hmm . . . there’s this laser cut kit for a WACO “N” tricycle bipe . . . hmm . . .

    Now that’s my kind of airplane ➑


    Hey Ugly!!! LOL

    Let’s see. Dope, you can try Brodak and see if they will mail it, just do a search for the site.

    Comet, while comet as far as models goes is gone, the kit are being produced by a couple, maybe more, small companied. Do a search for Campbell’s Custom Kits and Penn Valley Hobby, both have Comet replicas, (I use the term loosely) as well as a bunch of other great stuff. Campbell’s in particular has all the little fiddly front end bits as well as rubber.

    Good luck


    Ahh, thanks Randy.


    Hi Ug, 😯
    You already vistied some of the best on-line sites – Peck and Easy Built – both are great. Note the laser cut kits at both – SO much better than old die-crush. Penn Valley has the repro Comet, Scientific, kits, etc. I got a balsa Building Board from Guillow – I got the long board and cut it in two to have 2 boards (you sound like the same type, wanting to do more than one thing at once!). πŸ˜† Your interests sound like complex models – I’m still building easy scale cabin jobs and gliders. Good luck and you won’t go wrong with any of the above sites!! 8)


    …one last thing – some great plans for old-time and scale stuff can be found at The Plan Page: – the site is not updated regularly, but if you’ve not been there, I would bet you’ll find something to build…!! πŸ˜†


    (you sound like the same type, wanting to do more than one thing at once!).

    Hey Chuck;
    What, have you been talking to Kathy behind my back ❓
    She says it’ll be 318 years for me to finish all the existing hobby projects I’ve started or drawn up πŸ™„

    Your interests sound like complex models – I’m still building easy scale cabin jobs and gliders.

    Well, not so much exact to the screwdriver scratches detailing anymore – just so it looks enough like a (whatever) that I’ll know what it is representing. Sort of like doing paintings as impressionism instead of photorealism kind of thing.

    No, haven’t been to yet, but will when finished here.
    Is it “safe” for my checkbook if I peek there?
    (uhh, dude, if it was “safe” for your checkbook, he wouldn’t have posted it here, now would he?) πŸ˜†


    Your Kathy sounds like mine (my wife is Kathy, too!)…. “when are you going to do all these projects….?!”. The trouble is, she’s talking about home improvement stuff, and not models….!! πŸ™„ Your wallet is safe at The Plan Page; it’s all free. But your balsa supply might be in danger! Hope you find something to build and enjoy!


    If you want to try something simple or get some of your friends into it here’s a simple model I designed.

    The fun per time spent ratio is very favorable. πŸ™‚

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