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    like any competitive class there are those who want to increase the performances of their motors. being that these brushless motors are different from the dc brush driven motors in the rc cars.. is there any one out there making these dc 3 phase motors more performancec Enriched? saY CHANGING THE WIRE SIZES ON THE COILS… DYNAMIC BALANCING THE STATOR…BETTER LITHIUM BATTERIES…ETC. OBVIOUSLY NOT FOR THE BEGINNER ANY POSITIVE COMMENTS-TO ADD? PLEASE DO. REGARDS, CRASH

    Lee Hines

    Leeper lurking here, Crash

    I can see sealed motor specs & Tech Inspection right
    around the corner, if you go there.
    Here we go again! 🙄 😕 😉


    I cannot see where re-winding a motor is gonna be an advantage. There is a wide array of motors to choose from. The available performance is over the top. Good air and a well-trimmed plane solves a lot of problems.

    Jim Jennings

    I am with Dan. You can buy motors with extreemly hot winds designed to spin props, or you can buy even hotter motors and gear them. There are too many good options out there to consider winding your own motors, unless of course that is what you like to do. Scott Clark is one of those guys, and you would be hard pressed to do it better. You can see his work here:
    I am an AXI guy but I have been bench testing these motors and I think they may be a very good fit for our application. They consume a lot of power with a very small weight penalty. But beware, CAM folders are not designed to spin at those RPMs.


    Yeah, the available props might be an issue.

    Lee Hines

    Sorry chaps,
    My reply was basically a slotcar motor IN joke with my buddy CrashParker.
    BTW, he is not Jim Parker.
    Crash would need to answer if he has concern, but I tend to
    feel you guys knowwhat is the good ticket setup for EFF.

    Carry on regardless,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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