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    Hello fellow forum fliers, I have two very nice Rossi 15’s. I would like to build a marval or maverick type model for A classic,maybe a 2fer for vintage FAI? What would be a good size airplane? Thanks, Rich.


    I’d go 425-475 squares.
    I don’t know if the FAI size JaysBird would hold up. It’d be fun to watch,though.
    Gene Smith has a Pilfered Pearl with Cox 15. I’m thinking its 466 squares.


    During 1976 I built three ORCA’s in March 1976 Model Builder magazine with Rossi MK2s in them.
    They were great fliers and served me well for number of years.
    They to me at 60in. span they were a good size for the Rossi engine.


    Just to fly the Union Jack a little, Ray Monks’ Veterano is a very good model, NFFS Model of the Year in about 1973/74, I think. Anyway, it’s an all-sheet model, but construction is fairly straight forward.

    The Night Train which was NFFS Model of the Year a few years before was also used by many with Rossi engines.

    I have all the Free Flight News published in the 60’s and 70’s and there are a number of models in there that would fit the bill. Speaking personally I would go for a model with wing area on the high side (closer to 500 sq ins) to encourage a better glide.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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