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    Dean McGinnes

    I have just scored a really strong Super D engine and was considering a Satellite 1300 for it. I have been told that there were several versions or slight mods from the original that have evolved over the years.

    I am building a locked down ship per Classic Gas rules. I really would like to avoid VIT/AR FAI gadget-or-the-week complexity.

    Can someone give me a stear to a source of plans.

    Thanks in advance.


    Wellllll, BMJR has a kit for the beast.
    I keep thinking of Super D but don’t have a strong engine to use. i do, however have 3 strong KB 3.5s, so I’m not totally stymied.
    To 3, or not to 3, that is the question.

    Dean McGinnes


    I have the plans now. I would like to correspond with other Satellite 1300 fliers. Email preferred.

    If anyone out there in NFFS-Land is flying one of these superb monsters, please get in touch with me.

    My email address is:

    Feel free to give my email to any large Satellite flier. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Uh…flier of a Large Satellite, the flier him/herself can be of any size. Saw you coming on that one, Dan πŸ˜‰


    Hey,hey,hey! I’m not one to comment on thr size of a Satellite flier. The door was open , though.


    Who has a kit of this size?

    Is it currently in production, or does someone have one waiting for a builder?

    A friend of mine wants to duplicate his Dad’s model for his memory.

    Please email me at


    BMJR has a 1300 Satellite.


    So what do I do, chop a 1300 in half to get a couple smaller models?

    Attached is the fellows father flying his Satellite. He went out in style doing what he loved best. Launched his power model, and the guys were wondering why he did not retrieve it.

    I think if you look at the picture, it appears to be a 700-800 size model.


    Hi Dean,

    I have a modified Satellite 1300 Super “D” ship that I have had for 25 years. It is powered by a stock Rossi 65 rear intake, rear exhaust on bladder pressure. It turns 18,700 rpm on a 12-4 glass prop. The finish model weighed in at 54 oz. dry.

    This is a very light 1300 to the best of my knowledge. What engine do you have for your model?

    If you still haven’t found any plans for your Satellite 1300 I’ll do some digging around the shop and see if I can locate them. I remember that I have drawn on them for my ship which has a VIT system.

    Your thoughts….


    Here is a photo of myself with my Satellite 1300 waiting for lift at the 2008 SWR in Eloy AZ.

    Dean McGinnes

    That is certainly a beautiful model Ken.

    Confession time:

    I have abandoned the Satellite project in favor of a Pilfered Pearl of similar size. Reason; simpler building. Also, there are several Pearls in the general area so there is a pretty good body of knowledge.

    Power will be an OS MAX .61 VDF. It is pretty well stock, but I will probably get Bob Mattes to machine a Nelson plug head conversion for it. I have pretty well standardized on Nelson plugs for all my engines from 1/2A on up.

    Life has also intervened and the Pearl will probably not go together this year. πŸ™


    Thanks Dean for the kind complement. She’s a blast to fly.

    The Pilfered Pearl is a very competitive model. I wish you the best with your Pearl when you get around to building it.

    The OS MAX .61 VDF will be plenty of power if you can keep the weight of the model at or under 61 ounces. That’s just my rule of thumb.


    well guys, what used to take me less than 2 weeks to build is finally 90% completed after only 4 months of building πŸ˜€ ………..20 years away from this great sport and i’ve become a slooooow builder.
    while this is based on the 1300, the span is expanded to 100 inches with 16″ cord, 8.6% airfoil and while the postage stamp size pics kinda fool ya, the stab is 27%.
    this modified design is where i left off back in ’92. the Galbreath/Morgan mods are the ones that started any of the forward rudder modified Satellites that still exist. as a matter of fact, Dougs 900 still holds the 100 minute record set at the ’92USFFC’s.
    hardest part of this and most likely future models i will build has been finding contest grade balsa………non existent where i live and the one time i ordered from an online balsa dealer yielded 40% of the total order that was somewhat useable…..hope this changes in the future. took me a month and a half to scrounge up the wood for this one.


    Hey Mike,

    Good looking ship. Here comes the questions…

    What enging are you using?

    What finish do you have on the fuselage?

    What’s the approx. weight?


    Notice how Mike extended the nose on his awesome looking Satellite 1300. The plans show the firewall at the L.E., it will never balance there. The nose needs to be extended about five inches.
    Therms, Gene


    How magnificent is THAT. Luv it.

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