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    Hi guys,

    On a whim and because I have always admired it, but never wanted to start a forty at full bore, I bought a 788 Satellite kit of the auction site.

    So do you think this would make a good electric conversion or is it to big?
    What motor, prop battery combo would you suggest?


    I don’t doubt that you could power it. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to available power.
    You won’t be able to keep the battery weight to F1Q specs.
    There is no real need to go so big for B electric to get over-the-top performance. A small A Gas design will get you more performance than you’ll really want to retrieve.

    George Reinhart

    Dan’s got a good (and valid) point, the Astrostar and Super Maverick are both “A” size models that perform extremely well under current competition rules for F1Q which limits battery weight and is likely the convergence point for limiting factors like weight, drag and available power. The “standard” Maverick is on the small side compared to the other two but is an astounding performer. The 788 looks ,on paper, like it might be out of the range of good performing F1Q ships because of size and expected weight. On the other hand if you are looking for a world beater Electric B ship the 788 is a step in the right direction, whereas the “A” size ships can fly in both Electric B and F1Q the 788 is going to be limited to E/B, or sadly under powered for F1Q. I was only half serious when I previously advanced the idea of the Electric Satellite 1300 but, it is a valid concept in my opinion as is the 788. Thoughtful application of Jim’s size and power criteria and a careful look at available motor/battery/controller combinations should give you a power system that will make the 788 sing. “40” size motor combinations abound. I found several thet would replace a 60-65 engine for the 1300 study. I encourage you in every way posible to continue.
    Cheers! Pete


    Thanks Guys,

    Yes I agree it has no home in F1Q and I should have mentioned that I was think E/B only and some thing fun to play with.

    I have alway lived by “bigger fly’s better” but I suppose it has its limits.

    Jim Jennings

    I say go large and have a lot of fun doing it. Target 27 oz. or less with 400 watts of power. Enerland 3 cell 30c battery, Jeti 30 amp controller, Axi 2212/12 spining a CAM 8 X 6 folder and a Starlink timer. We want to see it on U-Tube when you are finished.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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