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    guys, couldn’t help but want to show off the latest gadget by the master himself.
    recently i sent a used Seelig i had spent a lot of time cleaning for his evaluation and hopefully a new winding key to replace the existing key that was somewhat useless. this timer was only intended for testing purposes.
    needless to say, Doug turned a somewhat so-so Seelig into a very useable and reliable timer.
    the timer now runs consistently, and you’ll see in the photos that the holes that someone bored out to obscene size have been repaired to accomodate 2-56 screws which are all that is ever needed to keep a timer in place.
    but the most exciting part of Doug’s ingenious ideas that are always to amaze, is the winding key and nut system he made to replace the original winding key. sure one can solder the floppy wing (see other timer with orig key) on the original nut, but this method Doug just came up with is far better, and being the the winder doesn’t involve more than forefinger and thumb pressure to wind vs a T style winder, it keeps one from overtorqing the spring shaft, and is virually slip proof.

    Norm Furutani

    The problem with the stock winding key was occasionally the release arm would get caught on the key and never release! I used a nut and a miniature 4 way wrench that used to come with some of the electric RC cars ( I think Tamiya). Of course Doug’s solution is much more elegant!

    – Norm

    Dick Bertrand

    What is Doug’s website?

    Dick Bertrand in Michigan now

    Steve Jensen
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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