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    Roger Morrell

    At the recent US team selection finals, where I had only one helper, a foreigner at that, but it’s OK because he was not a world champ and the only thing I imagined was a thermal two …

    some people mentioned to me that they could not find SEN online anymore.

    We did change that a while back to

    Sometimes this web site is down for operational reasons by just try again later

    so you can find the latest copy of SEN and other FAI free Flight stuff online. there is a link so you can subscribe to have it e-mailed to you and another so you can send submissions. You can also mail to SEN at or

    Oh …and SEN is the electronic publication of SCAT, the Southern California Aero Team, a FAI Free flight club.

    I also moved information about Magic [electronic] Timer to

    and the e-mail address is

    Roger Morrell

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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