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    George Reinhart


    Funny story but possibly serious problem. I live in Austin, Texas elevation approx. 800 ft. above sea level.
    I lost a model at a Denver contest this summer (“The Mile High City”).
    It was found in a wheat field a month later and a friend of mine recovered it for me, so I sent up a suitably sized wooden model box to ship it home in.
    Inside the box, I rolled up several lengths of bubble wrap (large bubble) to cushion the precious model on it’s return to Texas.
    Sent it FEDEX Ground the cheapest way to get it there that I could find, and delivery was promised in three working days.
    I got a call the fourth day saying they had damaged the box and they would help me place a claim for the damage. It was a pretty good box and we couldn’t figure out how they could have broken it without really working at it. When they delivered the busted box my friend said it was obvious how it was broken.
    Yeppy, unh hunh, the bubble wrap expanded enough to explode the box!!!
    Sure glad the model was going from Denver to Austin.
    I don’t usually pack models quite as tight as I had the wrap rolled up and I hope you don’t either.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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