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    So how about it? Who is already using YouTube, Facebook, ect…?
    Contest promotions? Maybe a few “your Mama!” taunts between youth groups???

    Here’s a quick stab at a Vblog we just posted…

    How about a YouTube channel set up just to promote the Junior National Cup events???

    Any thoughts???

    Rocco Ferrario

    Rene Limberger

    a lot of FAI folks from all over the world are on facebook and post news, stories and pictures regularly. i would argue there is more interesting FAI stuff on FB than there is on this forum.

    come join!

    Roger Morrell

    I too have been considering FB, partly because of input from Rene – With both the NFFS Web site and SEN we have a a substantial readership. I do not know the NFFS but on SEN we have about 700 subscribers plus about 300 who read it on line – BUT very few young people – AND more limited interaction. This number of readers is slowly increasing but again not enough young people

    Because of the smart phone APPs it is easy to post on FB from the field – well most fields anyway so very topical news can be posted. At the present I do not feel that we are quite organized enough to take advantage of FB – I notice that a number Latin American aeromodelling sites have regular links to FB. Currently on FB it is a little cliquely or not quite open enough and sometimes in the case of certain juniors TMI, … or maybe I’m not in touch as much as Rocco is.

    We are going to do something with SEN and FB quite soon, I thought that I would have more time when I “retired” – joke ! But as they say “real soon now” – I just need to do lunch with Jim Parker, harder to set up than with you Rene.


    Roger Morrell


    Have you seen the Per Findahl – F1A video ? What might be a good class/modelling project would be a more how to video by your guys with one of the models you fly – launching a challenge to other kids? Per’s is at one end of the spectrum – we probably need somethings more down to earth for regular kids?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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