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    Anyone know where I can get foam building beds cut for a specific airfoil? I need to have some cut for an undercamber foil.


    Just saw this…

    Make them yourself!!…. You can either hotwire them or sand them….What you need is an accurate representation of the lower airfoil section. Make these from something hard, like aluminum or fiberglass. Mount your foam on a sturdy, non warping surface, like particle board. Do not use wood glue (like Elmers) as this will never cure beneath the foam. I know this for a fact!! Mount your forms on each side. If you hot wire this, then it goes pretty quick and easy. If you are to sand it, build a lond sanding block with both 60-80 grit and then 180 grit. Stroke it span wise and you can make a pretty good surface. Just take your time and it will work fine.

    But, best is to hot wire….CST sells a very nice hot wire hoop. A bit pricey but works well…I have one….Now, if you wanted to take a field trip up here, I may even let you use it!! Free, even!!!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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