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    Lee Hines

    Hi All,

    For those among you who may not have read my report on yesterday’s
    ‘Fantastic Stan’ performances, go to HPA Forum here:;topicseen#new

    From this point on we should probably change that HPA thread to:
    “Stan beat Ishii’s F1N record!”.

    Of course, it was AMA officially sanctioned, not done with FAI record
    attempt sanction, but as Jim Bux stated on HPA:

    “He[Stan] know he has the world record, we do, why pay $250 + $50
    just to get a piece of paper saying someone else does?”

    I think that Stan may feel similarly, but if the chance to have an
    FAI F1N record trials affords itself in the future, I hope & feel he will
    be going all out for it.

    Regarding Ken’s comment of hanger being rented for one year, as I
    got the story, only 300 ft at north end will be rented.
    That still affords 700 ft of space, but may cause more air movement.
    Time will tell if all goes well.

    I called Don DeLoach with report from ‘The Hanger’, to say it was more huge than anyone expected, even Stan I wager!

    To witness the destructions of both the alltime IHLG & ICLG records
    in just a few hours was mind-shocking to the observers. We applauded
    & yelled, WHEW & Hooray!


    Lee Hines

    For video link to ‘The Flight’ go to HPA Forum here:,2926.msg24435/boardseen.html#new


    Bill Shailor

    That’s fantastic!
    My brother, Paul and I would always compare every indoor HLG flight with the “Holy Grail” of Ron Wittman’s flight. Thanks, Lee, for sharing this and tell Stan congratulations from the guys from Detroit.

    Lee Hines

    Stan Buddenbohm asked me to announce the following:

    Stan has made a 24″ x 36″ full scale detailed plan of his
    “Holy Grail” record setting indoor HLG.
    Along with the plan Stan has written a 3 page article covering
    what he has learned about indoor TLG – nothing is held back.

    The plan and article is being submitted to NFFS but there is
    no telling if, or when, it might be published.

    If you don’t want to wait, copies are available from Stan for:
    US Priority Mail in a tube: $35
    First Class envelope: $32
    Outside US Airmail envelope: $33
    Outside US Priority Mail tube: $50

    Send to: Stan Buddenbohm, PO Box 1677, Boulevard, CA 91905


    Congratulations to Stan in the 165 foot ceiling.

    So let’s see what he can do in a 25 foot ceiling?


    …..About 45 sec a flight, Dave…….in my estimation the Cat I HLG record is more dramatic, at least for those of us who have tried to excel in the event…Someday some kid will do 2:00 in Tustin, or wherever…inevitable…gotta get the smart kid’s head out of co mputer games, most I know don’t show much interest,,,but that’s anotherstory ! “simplify and add lightness”

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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