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    Hi all,

    I’m finishing off a Starduster 350 with Cyclon .061 for power for the upcoming Australian Nats.

    Anyone got thoughts about whether I need to beef up the wing in the centre to deal with the extra oomph?

    Thanks in advance,


    I don’t think 350 is F1P legal. 404 squares unless I remember wrong. Without some diagonals I would expect the wing to washout under power. It might even flutter. It will most certainly scare anyone who casually assumes a TD 049 is on the nose.


    Hate to say this, but I have to agree…Yup. 404 sq inches is right and the wing would need to have some serious bracing. Either a D box or make it fully geodetic. I have seen Mavericks with Cyclons and they can be down right scary. Stock structures don’t hack it.

    But, either way, keep us posted. Should be interesting….


    Thanks guys …. Looks like it’ll be up for a dose of diagonal bracing.

    Cheers, dave

    P.S. We don’t fly F1P down here, so the model will actually be going into F1J and Open Power.


    I have mulled the idea of a Starduster X, which I believe is a smaller plane with a few mods.

    To whit:

    Throw out 2/3 of ribs
    Add diagonals and CF caps
    Reduce trailing edge width
    Same for stab
    Judicious structure re-vamp on the fuse
    AME .06 , APC 6×2 27,000+ rpm.

    It would be fun, I think.

    The X probably wouldn’t handle the Cyclon. The extra weight of the Cyclon on the small airframe of the X wouldn’t help the glide.
    Scaling the X to 404 squares would be interesting.

    Does the 350 have multi-spar wing?


    Hi Dave

    For others reading this topic, Australia does not fly F1P (not in the Nats program) but I think what Dave meant is F1J and I would sure as hell beef up the wing structure as a Cyclon “on song” will rip it apart 😡 and I would keep any warps to the bare minimum.

    I may see you there Dave, will be up for the HLG and CLG events.



    Hi again guys.

    We’ll, there’s been a slight change of plans.

    I sat down last night and put in some diagonal bracings (think “Goldberg Valkyrie”). It’s much stiffer now, but I still think that it’ll be safer to tone down the power a bit and go with the VA MkI (v. light) or MkII. (I feel so dirty saying that last sentence! 😳 )

    Covering will be 00-weight silkspan applied over aluminised mylar with butyrate dope.

    Will try and post a picture when things come together.


    The 350 would probably handle the Cyclon 049. The 06 has more oomph.The VA Mk11 is a nice little beast. A shame they are no longer in production.


    The cure for all of this would be a D box. But, geodetic with carbon cap strips should do it too. An .061 would definately make it a hot rod and probably blow the wings off. The normall 350 has a typical ‘Duster structure with turbulators. Full geodetic would be the way to go…

    And, I think the .049 is a good way to go. Now, add a folding prop on it and that would be interesting (OK, add bunt, VIT, flood off… that is an airplane- Sorry Dan but ya know I gotta add that to the formula).


    Hi all.

    Well, this model is coming along nicely so I thought I’d give you all an update.

    Torsional rigidity on the wing & tail with the tissue-over-mylar is excellent, so have mounted the VA MkII (0.049) using Texas Timers radial mount. Fuel system will be a v. small bladder (1/2″ diametr when full) placed in a tube glued beneath the wing platform. Will be using a Texas Timers pinchoff which will be activated by a small 4-fn (ex-Wakefiled) timer.

    Planning to cover the fus tonight.

    A question for the team …. has anyone ever used a movable rudder on these Stardusters to help with trimming between power and glide phases? I’ve got 2 functions on the timer that I’m not currently planning to use, but if it’ll make trimming easier, I’m thinking of putting in a movable rudder trim tab. Thoughts?


    An auto rudder will help not only the transition but also the trimming.

    I have a Mini Weaver, a smallish English 1/2A from the ’60s, but built a couple of years ago,with a Cox 051 in it, and have the tab adjustable using small light screws through an aluminium stop either side of the rudder tab. Like a U section, if you know what I mean. Be sure to have something on the tab for the screws to rotate on—-I use glued on small pieces of old razor blade.

    Makes trimming and adjustments a breeze. Good luck, Dave.


    When trimmed properly a ‘Duster looks like it has Tarmac, oh excuse , I meant autosurfaces. The engine quits and it just flips to glide. The stick-wiggler crowd gets amazed by this.

    Launch it STRAIGHT up. It goes where its pointed, if its pointed straight up. There were MANY 45 degree launches at this years NATS. They tended to hit the ground near the parking line.

    What is the projected weight of the new beastie?


    @Dan Berry wrote:

    What is the projected weight of the new beastie?

    As long as it’s over 160 grams it will be okay.
    I doubt though there could be an F1J underweight though.


    >I doubt though there could be an F1J underweight though.

    Maybe not a F1J, but a locked-up 1/2A under 160 gms is quite achievable


    Projected weight – 250 g

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