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    Hi guys,

    I recently built a new kit, a Starduster E36 from BMJR. Whole thing built with thin superglue; parts fit excellent. The pylon/battery mount under the wing was rather not to my liking so I used my usual Velcro outside battery retention. Wing super stiff once I added diagonal geodetic ribs.

    Flew OK at Perris till I gave it too much rudder tab and went right instead of left. Rebuilt and ready for retest, soon as I recover from knee surgery.

    Weighs 174 grams with CF2805 motor, GWS 7×3.5 flexible prop. About 92 watts from Turnigy battery. Can go up to 110 watts or so with an APC 7×4 but haven’t got that far yet.

    Check it out if you want something different or are a Taibi fan like I am. I think it may be too heavy to beat the locals like the Ralph Ray, Stan Buddenbaum, Lee Hines, Clint Brooks crowd but I just want to compete. Don’t mind finishing last as long as I can get out with my friends.

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