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    I just sent payment to BMJR for their Super Sniffer kit. Since I had no takers for the Irvine Mill’s I’ll put in in this model. I moved to Tucson over two years ago and just recently unpacked my FF ships. All came out fine with just a minor tear in stab of my Hi-Thrust Viking. Finally got a new set of wheels for travel so now Eloy,Az. is no problem.
    I have a Tabi built Cyclone .60 powered Perris Special ready to go. I built a A/B Spacer with GH .19 that has one flight on it.[WOW what fun!!] First bigger FF from plans and she be good. Untried Goldberg Hi-Thrust Viking. A Midway 54″ Powerhouse with Russian Elfin .09 that has several flights on it. Last a Meca bought OK Cub powered FF ship. The Cub runs nice, but unflown as of this time.
    Projects for later are Platboy Sr. full Areo-Dyne kit with NIB Cyclone.65.
    Satelite 320, 1/2A Spacer/ Fubar 1/2A/ Orbiteer/ Ramrod 600/ Slow Worm 432. Please excuse my ranting but am quite excited about getting back into flying FF again. We lost Miles Square part in So. Cal. awhile back and FF flying for me ended then. I sold off way to much stuff but did save some. Plus did find other items. Kept most of the iron and now am ready for action. Slizzling sumer will be history shortly and get out and do some flying.


    Hi I think I know you from another forum. I am looking to purchase an Irvine Mills .75. Would know where I can find one would you? It would seem your was for sale a while back??? I only joined this forum today… Sounds like you got it for a good price reading your older posts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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