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    G’day All,
    I’m new to modelling and new to this site so hello to you….
    I’ve ordered a kit plane called the Swiss Miss..It has an 80″ span and I’m going to use a Taipan 2.5cc Diesel engine in it…Has any one any opinions on this plane………….. and perhaps a photo ???
    I dont know if radio is frowned upon on this site but I plan (at this stage) to learn how to fly the plane using a 2 chanel radio…
    This is all new to me ,so please let me know if I’m posting a topic that shouldnt be here….
    Thats all for now………Charlie………..Australia


    The original Swiss Miss was close to 5ft/60in span.

    lt won second place in the 1954 world freeflight championships held in the U.S.A and flown by one of the designers, Silvio Lanfranchi, a Swiss living in the U.K.
    The other designer was Arthur Collinson, an Englishman.

    They belonged to the Bradford club in the U.K.

    Silvio used a K & B Greenhead Torpedo 15/2.5cc glo plug engine in his, for FAI competition where a 2.5cc engine is required (still is, in fact)and Arthur also had a Swiss Miss powered by a Frog 500–5cc glo engine and used it for open competitions.

    l have, over the past 50 years built 3 of them, and they all fly/flew very well.

    First one built in 1955 was powered by an Elfin 2.5cc beam mount diesel.
    lt was lost about a year later and recovered 14 miles away in a paddock full of cows—-model was wrecked, but the engine and ED engine timer survived.

    Second one built early in ’56 was Oliver Tiger MK3 powered–2.5 diesel.
    lt was a very good model indeed, and l still have the trophys to prove it.
    This model simply got very tired from lots of flying, and was put to rest.

    Third one was built in 1996 powered by a K & B 15 as per Silvio’s model.
    lt is an excellant model and has placed once or twice in freeflight vintage events in OZ.
    It is still in top condition, as it does not get a lot of flying.

    lt was published in the Aeromodeller magazine 12/54 as a 1/4 scale plan.

    You say your plan is 80inches????? A 2.5 in that size may be a little underpowered. ls it for a Gordon Burford R/C event????

    l saw one at the ’05 Nats in NSW with a Frog500 in it, and it had no trouble handling that power—-l have often thought about putting a Sabre 19 glo into mine to boost the performance a little.

    l have built them all ‘freeflight’ style, light—the current one weighs 18oz.

    Good luck with your build, you will enjoy it, they are a great model.


    Hi Weedie

    All that Gossie wrote is spot on and if you want to see a photo of the complete model go to and click on “photo gallery” and you will find an example by Peter Twiss. 80″ span? for a 2.5 Taipan, no way!.



    Apologies for the incorrect figures re. the wingspan….when I ordered the plane over the telephone,I was told that it was an 80″ span…The kit arrived in the mail yesterday and it is in fact a 60″ span….
    Its a pretty daunting sight……a box full of funnny shapes of balsa and a big plan…a bit different to the control line kits I used to get 30 years ago..when they had everything in a step by step sequence…
    Nevermind..I’m looking forward to the build and have a bloke nearby who is very experienced in these things and has kindly offered his help..
    Bye for now……..and thanks……….weedie……
    Vaporizer manufacturer

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