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    What was the best year for Tan2 please?

    Bill Shailor

    The best year would probably be 1999. The February and May batches are very desireable.


    Thanks Bill,

    I was not sure.
    I’m making up some motors and have 2 pounds of 3/16th 2001 and 2002 here still all brand new.
    Been kept dark in the beer fridge so it should be good to go.


    2001- June (06)- more energy, not so elastic- 26 strands motor.
    2001- August ( 08 )- more elastic, a little less energy, but REALLY GOOD! 28 strands motors I used.
    2002- July (07)- acceptable, but in 30 strands motors. Also I’d like to get it again 😉
    All this for 1/8″ rubber.
    This kind of rubber (3/16) I’ve cut on the half to 3/32- the motors should be 36 strands- something like this.
    Also good enough to win!
    In my (and not only in my) particular opinion- the BEST TAN II was July 1997. Awesome!


    Sheer power is not the only thing …
    Oct. 2001 was very good, but impossible to use in warm weather – would suddenly break even with no additional turns being wound on! OK in low temperatures.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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