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    Denny Dock

    My vote goes to the Dream Weaver. I love flying mine in both Vintage FAI and A Nos.I change engines from a Green Head .15 to an OS Max 3.Hard little son of a gun to build. Have some instant CA available just in case you break or crack one of the thin ribs.

    Ted Hidinger

    Civy Boy has my vote, when I built this 104 inch (1888 sq in) one it came in to heavy to be competitive but the glide is beyond words!

    Dean McGinnes

    I think on the Ollie, the whole fuselage is to be sheeted, per notes on Outerzone.

    Lee Hines

    Gastove gets my vote. Bobby DeShields made a gorgeous one recently…but then that is to be expected of any plane in his fleet! :mrgreen: 😀


    The most beautiful design? Well obviously the Ollie and the Satellite are takeoffs of Carl Goldberg’s Sailplane, and the more popular Zipper. You can’t say that either the Ollie or Satellite are originals. As far as practical and good flying NOS models: the Ramrod and T-Bird are ugly originals of the period, but they are beautiful in the air going up in thermals. The Hustler, a late NOS model and modification of the T-Bird is a little more elegant. The Civy Boy was pretty I thought, but with that rearward CG, can be remembered most frequently buried in the turf!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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