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    Here is a pic of the beginnings of the 1/2A- The wing has 4 dihedral breaks, so I need a right mid panel and right tip to complete. It is overbuilt, but I wanted to make sure that it didn’t move-

    The stab will have 1 1/4″ inches if dihedral…Not your normal 1/2A-

    Just an experiment, with many things sucked over from F1J and J- 7% flat bottom section- Max thickness in the middle is about .480″…


    Very nice, reminds me of Norm Poti’s Niblite


    Thanks Charlie…It sure is wierd not having one piece of carbon in a wing…However, the fuselage will be different- I have pretty much made up my mind that it will be a carbon alum tailboom.

    But still, not auto stuff- I may regret it but that is how it is going so far.

    The sketch shows the general planform…

    Steve Landy

    Looks like a fascinating airplane. Keep us posted on progress, especially the flight trimming. I’m just starting to update my approach from the ’70’s style.

    Regards, Steve


    Looks like it might be a go’er John. Cyclon for noise?


    Hi Hank!!

    Nope, at this time looks like a VA…But, after seeing the last issue of the Digest, I may try a Fora. Looks sorta interesting…..Cyclons have gotten out of hand money-wise- Glad we have the four or five we have…


    So John what covering are you anticipating?


    John do you mean a Profi engine? I have one and have and it does run well. It’s not a Cyclon but it doesn’t cost $250 either. I’ve been getting about 28,000 RPM runing an APC 5.5 X 2 prop on 40% Omega fuel.


    Yup, that is what I meant!! Sori….It is some foreign job…

    As far as covering- good question- I really would like to cover it in tissue to get the strength, but then a synthetic may be OK…Just not sure yet!

    Dean McGinnes

    John, try tissue over mylar. I am a new convert. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€


    Progress is, well, progressing-

    Found an old F1J frontend I had made up with fiberglass instead of carbon and, with a few modifications, was able to make it work for the new design. Cut the top off and made a wing platform. Then found a tailboom that fit it perfectly. Sawed it off and added the bottom fin-

    Still have a lot to do, but things are moving along-

    Timer-wise, am still debating on either a Texas Timer or a Mini-combo- Still tbd…

    Lee Hines

    Big John,

    OMG! Too early for the trash can! ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜†

    Seriously[who me?] it’s looking quite fine in its undressed condition.



    John, that is looking really fine… Have you considered keeping notes for an article in MA ? After test flying and such…


    How about this for the get up and go section….


    Hi John

    The 1/2 A looks the business nice under fin as well
    the geo wing should be more than stiff
    enough, I use icarex pc31 for pretty well
    all my f1j to f1c power models.
    The last post of the Dixi is done in it
    I have used thinned down dope 50 x 50 of acrylic
    laquer tinners, does not tend to warp it gives a drum tight
    finnish that takes the knocks
    Tissue has its merrits, but punctures easy & makes
    a good looking model shabby in no time
    I use 2 pac clear on the inner 4 rib panels of each wing
    this stops the fuel from soaking thro the cover
    & weight is no prob

    Will be great to see it finished & flying

    The weather here is 40deg!!!

    Not long now to Max Men!!!

    Cheers from Downunder
    Col 8)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 41 total)
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