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    Hi Dave, et al,
    You gave me a lot of good advice about DTing the model last year. I’m back to work on it. On the plan it doesn’t (seem to) specify wood for the bulk of the pod. Should it be all Basswood, or only the boom as it indicates?

    George Reinhart

    I built one from a kit in the late 40’s.
    As I remember, the pod was all balsa.

    Pete Reinhart


    I’m going to add an autorudder to the Thermic so I was considering moving the towhook to the bottom of the pod, rather than the side placement shown. Would this be the right thing to do?


    It will make it far better to tow, without doubt, but is it ‘legal’ in your neck of the woods if you intend to use it in competition?

    In our Aussie Vintage sailplane, pre ’55 by the way, we allow an auto rudder on an old sailplane to get more models flying and keep them much safer on tow than using the dubious old methods of trying to keep them straight when going up.

    It was not always legal to fit an auto rudder but sense prevailed about 10 years ago to allow them. So much better if you wish to build a real old one like the Thermic.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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