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    Ed O’Brien

    I have downloaded several glider & small rubber power plans and find that many of them are “tiled” PDF files because the original was too large to fit on one letter size piece of paper. How can you tell? I think is the giveaway that the images are printed all the way to the edges, with no margins. Can the files be returned to there original size and saved as a PDF file that I can take to the local print shop for printing on one sheet on larger paper? I hope this makes sense to someone out there. The attached file illustrates the situation, I think. I can print the individual pages, tape them together and then have them copied. Surely there is a better way. All I have on my Mac is the free Adobe reader.

    If I have this all muddled and have missed the point completely, feel free to let me know. Today is one of my computer hating days. Sigh.

    Ed OBrien

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