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    I’ve been in a discussion here in CT about recent flights at a local contest and how a record is timed. A few of us have never been in that position and are somewhat stymied by the reg’s. The basic question that we have is, do flights at a contest have to be timed by two members to establish a record? I guess another question would be, must a contest be a record trials also for a record to be set?

    In the CR’s under “General Rules” it says:
    2. Acceptance of Records. No record is official until it has
    been homologated by the appropriate Contest Board of
    AMA. All records, to be eligible for recognition, must be
    established in one of the following:
    1. An AMA Sanctioned Record Trial.
    2. An AMA Sanctioned Contest where record
    activity is part of that event.
    3. A World Championship, sanctioned by the FM
    for the appropriate class model where the record
    activity is part of that event.

    The CD must satisfy himself that every applicable AMA
    regulation has been complied with. Where a record is
    established at a record trial and involves a timed flight, the
    record time must be the average of times recorded by two
    (2) timers holding valid AMA licenses. The record
    applicant and the CD may not serve as timers.

    In the CR’s under “Outdoor Free Flight”it says:
    11.1. The first official flights of a
    contest series is assumed to be the start
    of a record attempt. The start of any
    other record attempts (at a contest or
    record trials) must be declared prior to
    the first flight of each series of flights of
    a record attempt.

    Bill Shailor

    If you are flying in a sanctioned AMA contest that has that specific event and you set a record, only one timer is needed. Record trials need two timers and you have to have a separate sanction for that record trials.


    In a standard (not a record trial) contest, is it one timer for all flights, even after a maxout?
    or (say in hlg for exapmple…) one timer for first 3 maxes, then two for fly-off flights??

    just pondering 😀


    Hi Dennis

    I think Bill has answered the question for you and all that needs clarification is whether or not your local contests have been sanctioned by the AMA; if not, then the records set can only become club (or state) records with no national standing.

    Ployd in OZ

    Bill Shailor

    In a sanctioned AMA meet, one timer is acceptable for flyoffs.


    Is there a reason that two timers are needed at a record trial?

    Bill Shailor

    The rule goes back quite awhile. My guess is that, since record trials can be established by any AMA member for any date (assuming he gets a sanction) this provides an extra level of scrutiny, or witnesses that you otherwise may not have. Unlike a contest where there are more bodies present and, presumably, keeping an eye on things.


    I’ve never looked into RT’s, you don’t need a CD at a trials?

    Bill Shailor

    Not for a record trials.

    Peter Brocks

    @Bill Shailor wrote:

    Not for a record trials.

    Hi Bill,

    A Record Trial is an AMA Sanctioned Event. For all Santioned Events a licensed Contest Director is required to oversee the activities and then report back to AMA.

    At a Record Trial 2 timers who are AMA members are are required. The reason is probably that you do not have your competion and peers looking over your shoulder and keeping the single timer “honest” as in a contest.


    Bill Shailor

    You’re right. I checked the record application form and there is a spot for the C/D to sign off, indicating the record trials was flown in accordance with AMA rules.
    Thanks for clearing this up!


    Yes, CD is required for RT’s


    Note that Bill kept saying AMA…..FAI is different as far as timers required for fly-offs…..That is why we always want two timers for a fly-off…Plus, it gives the timers someone to back them up when the flight goes out of sight.


    in a record trial, or FAI flyoff what happens if the two timers come up with times like 179 sec and 180 sec (180 being max)?

    if you were to average them, would you drop the decimals, round, …?


    179 Decimal fractions are discarded.

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