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    Hi: Seems the balancing could be improved and smoother running at peak rpm, in the Pfeffer/Letmo 2.5 if the stl. con rod were replaced with one of titanium. Anyone know of the bearing qualities and heat disipation problems? Having modified Nelson MK 100, drilling the crank web for insertion of 1/8 th diam Tungsten slugs, I know of no problems making holes, but what about reaming to metric crank pin & wristpin? If bearings needed would they be shrunk in, or pressed in with interference fit?
    Anyone “beenthere done that” or know of of modelers with Titanium knowledge/and or machining experience. I have a 5/16 th. Titanium plate. I have no bearing bronze. TIA
    Cheers and Happy New year; deisel don


    Titanium is somewhat gummy to machine, but totally machinable. I know that some of the boat guys have used titanium with success. The bushing, if used, should be about about .0015 to .002″ press. Somewhere (and I don’t know where it is) I read an article about the bushing material. Brass is not acceptable here, as it would extrude after a while. As far as reaming to size, there are metric reamers available, you just have to look for the proper size. Why not aluminum? There have been other deisels that have used alum rods…

    Good luck….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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