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    Having not been able to watch first hand some real experts flying gliders, I have watched a few videos and had many trials and errors on my own learning to trim and fly TLG, CLG & HLG gliders – I’m curious to know how high a flyer should be able to throw while flying TLG to be competitive??? I can generally achieve an altitude about as high as a telephone pole, some where between 30 & 40 ft. It seems to me TLG flyers are getting much higher then that! What is a good goal to strive for altitude wise when developing a good throw or Launch?????

    What I have noticed with a couple recently new gliders is the glider wanting to transition to flight to soon – seems to level out almost immediately… is there such a thing of being to stable?? can to much incidence be a problem, or to large a stab and verticle fin be playing a factor??

    Any advice or suggestions sure would be welcomed from anybody kind enough to respond…. I’m wanting to be as competitive as possible for future contest so as not to look or be a fool!

    greetings from Idaho,


    Lee Hines

    Scott, Tip Launched Glider is an event relying on physical ability, the same as any Hand launched Glider class.
    That said, a lot of fun & success can be had even from lower altitudes, if the moment of flight is selected properly
    with a properly trimmed glider.
    Have you searched for any of the TLG videos on YouTube? There are good ones there.

    Re altitude, most of the top TLG chuckers regularly exceed 100ft at recovery, BTW.

    Recovering too soon can be excess incidence(decalage really), not enuf right tab, fin
    oversize(trim it some, if that seems right), or a warp that is wrong.
    You REALLY need to ‘fly with other sportsmen’, who you trust to observe & offer suggestions.
    Do you know Bob DeShields?
    He is a great guy, one of my best friends as well as one of the best flyers anywhere,
    plus, he lives in you state. PM him on this forum.


    Sweepettelee – thank you for the reply… I have spoken with Bob DeSheilds over the phone, unfortunately we have not been able to get together yet, I’ll try and contact him again. I have been watching youtube videos and they have been helpful, just difficult to judge the altitude on launch!

    You probably won’t remember me but 81/2 yrs ago you mailed me several glider plans to build and fly your sweepettelee gliders.. You invited me to come to California for a fun fly and showed me how gliders are flown and recovered – at the time I was living in Utah. Unfortunately I was in a terrible accident and un able to build and fly up and till a couple years ago – from that time I’ve had a great time building and flying – I really wanted to thank you for the help and start you gave me!!

    Hope to see you again sometime soon!




    You should try and come to our next contest in Oregon. Bob DeShields and Mike Schwartz came down for the contest August 22-23. Our next contest is Sept 12-13. I know its a ways to come, but we’re a fun group. I’m a good TLG flyer and can help you out. I couldn’t fly at the last contest since I was recovering from an injury, but I will be flying this weekend and next. If you can’t make the Sept contest, our last one is Oct 3-4. Weather typically gets a little iffy by then, but it usually works out.



    Bill – thank you. I have it on my callender and plan on attending!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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