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    Hello to all,I am taking a crack at rubber powered free flight after a number of years in r/c.coming back to the roots that got me involved with modeling anyways i was wandering if anyone can give me a good source of info on trimming and flying small rubber outdoor models.and possibaly a source to supply kits and building supplys.I have given r/c up after 19 years as my grandkids want to fly free flight and there is no one around here that i know that can help,I live in Galesburg,ILLThanks for any replys.color=blue][/color]

    Bill Shailor

    Welcome to our forum!
    Lee Campbell is a good source for smaller rubber powered kits. As far as trimming, this depends on the model to some degree, but 2 degrees downthrust and 3 degress right is usually a good place to start if you are flying a right power pattern and a left glide.
    You’ll have to glide left so as to avoid torque problems.
    Put about 1/16 of an inch wash-out in both tips and 1/16 to 3/32 of an inch wash-in in the right center panel. Leave the left center panel flat.
    Put is a litle left stab tilt. This is where the left side if the stab is raised higher than the right. This will help the model glide left without using a lot of left rudder.
    Keep the stab and tail section light.


    Don Ross wrote a book. Flying Models mag should show an ad for it.
    Can’t remember the title for sure. Might be -Making Rubber Models Fly



    Thank you for the info,helps put me on the right track,Ron


    The title is Rubber powered Airplanes By Don Ross

    Just got one from

    Ed King
    Birch Run, MI

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