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    I’ve been looking over the Turn up plan in the March publication, and was unsure about the panel breaks in the wing. Hopefully some of you on here know the answer.

    The outer panel break shows .094 of washout, which I assume is for both panels.
    The center break shows a .120 cut or reference line. I’m not sure I understand what this is. I had wondered if it might be a reference for the amount of wing skew, but as far as I know there is no wing skew. If anyone knows I would appreciate some insight.

    The CG seems to be a little far back. My understanding of TLG’s is that they require a more forward CG with a bit of possitive incidence (2 degrees on plan) for good transitions.
    From past experince though it doesn’t look like this ship would fly with that much incidence and a near 50% chord CG placement..
    I’m wondering if this might be a starting point with the actual incidence more near 0-0

    Thanks in advance for any info.

    Lee Hines

    Hi Bill,

    The plans are accurate as to the 3/32″ toeout for washout,
    and the center has a 1/4″ wedge cutout for sweepback.
    I built one per Tim’s instructions and it flies great.
    I don’t get it as high as he can, but there are no vices.
    My CG is 56mm[49%] from LE & decalage =2 degrees.
    Not sure what you expected, but most TLGs @ 50% CG
    ARE more forward than JLGs, which run about 53-56%.
    TLGs have excellent climbs and recover from thermal gusts,
    so don’t fret and DO NOT use 0-0 settings!
    Or you will: ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
    I suggest you buy one from Stan B. Happiness follows!
    Also, read my Jan thread, ‘Tip Launch Glider Activity’ on this
    forum where I relate building Turn Up & Sweepette 36D.
    You asked about wing skew. Sure you can use it to get
    glide started to the right. This just minimizes the amount
    of other trim you will need for optimum performance.
    Not too much! Just a visible amount is enuf.

    Ciao, Leeper


    Thanks for the info, Lee.

    The 1/4″ of material removed for sweepback at the center clears everything up for me. This was throwing me off since the outer break angles are shown without the sweepback.
    This puts the tip breaks at a bit more than .200″ of washout. If I figured correctly that will give you about 1.3 degrees less incidence in the tip panels. in other words if the center section is flying at +2, the tips will be somewhere around .7 degree.

    I need to get an order into Stan a little later this year. Right now I’ve got plenty of stock as well as some booms, so I’m going to practice up. ๐Ÿ™‚
    last year and prior I had been tinkering with cruciform tail designs with limited luck. Hopefully the “Y” tail configuration will make things easier.

    Thanks again


    Bill, all of Stan’s Stuff is first rate. His printed instructions are worth their weight in crude oil. There is a good reason they are using the ‘Y’tail.


    Well this Y tail deal is the trick.
    I got a good number of flights on this Turn Up and am very happy with it. It took a little work to get the launch and transition like I like it. That being said I’m not exactly sure how everyone is launching their TL ships. I checked with an on board altimeter today and my launches are just under 70 feet. Highest recorded was 67 with most flights around 60. It actually looks much higher. I would have guessed 85 ft, but I believe the altimeter more so than my eyes. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Lee Hines

    Way to go Bill!

    Your Turn Up looks like a fine build for anyone and altitude is good too.
    Practice some more and tell us how you progress.
    Remember to keep arm straight during spin and release as level
    as you can!
    If it goes a bit far around left[if right handed]and has wide right
    circle, just add a bit more right rudder.
    Mine run between .03 and .09 of right tab, btw.
    My grip style is with fingers on left tip, thumb under tip.

    Are you coming to Nats with some of The TTOMA guys?
    Look me up if you come!



    I use the same grip as you.
    Mine is now set at about .09 right tab as well for the circle I want. Weight is 85 grams.
    Flying with a .5X1.75X.125 washin wedge.
    I’m launching with a swing towards the ground and releasing at approx 75 degrees from horizontal. So when it leaves my hand it is banked over to right a bit and going up. It then makes about half to 3/4 roll left and ends up vertical, as the speed bleeds off it kind of yaws over left to a nice transition.
    Not going to make the Nats, wish I could. Too many irons in the fire.


    Dohrman Crawford

    Hi Bill,
    Where in Georgia are you located? If it is a reasonable drive, why don’t you come out and fly with us here in the Atlanta area? We have a great club, and a pretty good sod farm field. [they are never big enough].
    We would enjoy having you fly with us and I can promise you that you will be made welcome.
    Bring your discus gliders! We could use some more fliers.


    Hi, Dohrm
    Sent you a PM

    Thanks for the invite!

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